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As learning consultants we give attention to four critical factors that help ensure a successful journey to start your company off on the right foot. We link employees’ learning to company goals; we prepare your organization for change; we point out and help eliminate potential roadblocks; and, we begin with the end in mind. READ MORE


We offer talks and workshops that explore how learning as a platform mediates the human employee’s tasks and the business’s core functions. Effective organization posses certain qualities, including: proper flow of work, consistent flow of communication, profitability, and leadership. Sometimes it takes being made explicitly aware of these core functions to inform your next steps. Speaking topics include: learning connoisseur-ship, learning service design, the state of organization, systems thinking, rethinking evaluation, and learning as a project. READ MORE


We specialize in the deliberate, human-centered design of simple and complex learning environments. Every environment is a learning environment, no matter the business you’re in. All growth and movement require learning and evaluation. Whether you’re training for organizational compliance, responding to personal training needs assessments, or looking for ways to mitigate knowledge risk or remedy mistakes, we’ll work with you to ensure connection between personal learning and business results. READ MORE


Cheryl Abram is available for consulting, speaking and designing. Please contact her by email.

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